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I was the recipient of generational trials that were passed through my family. My family was consumed with lies, deceitfulness, wavering in and out of relationships with men and God. The enemy wanted to kill, steal the sanity, and destroy my mother, my daughter, and me.
The attack continued in my finances and relationships. I realized that something was missing in my life and I couldn't figure out what it was. I went to church often even when I was the only one attending yet I felt a void. I became confused because of the situations in my life began to turn around.
I was placed in positions and made accomplishments that showed me that it was not by my power that these things happened. I didn't understand what was happening and why my circumstances improved. Someone discouraged me from completing my doctorate. The words spoken only opened doors for me to finish my terminal degree. My finances controlled me and that turned around so that I began to control my finances.
Something got my attention when I was speaking at a National Mathematics Conference. I had a nipple discharge. My physician and friend arranged for testing and biopsy when I returned home. He said words that will forever ring in my ears, "I found cancer in your left breast." I'd just received a death sentence. I did not have time to be sick. I just knew the disease would take me off the face of the earth. I felt helpless. I was so scared my thoughts wondered to, "Is my will up-to-date? Who will raise my daughter?" My mind was out of balance. I asked, "Why did this happen to me at this time when my life was going in the right direction and things were going well when they had previously not gone well?" This cancer had come to take my whole life after building myself up and making changes to get away from bad relationships. This was the worse time for the diagnosis of breast cancer. I didn't have room in my life now for cancer. I made room for car accidents and took care of that. I made room to speak to my child's teacher when she was off-task in class. I made room to go shopping when I felt down in the dumps (which got me in financial trouble at times).
I felt that the cancer would win and not me. I just didn't feel strong enough to fight this battle. I was scared, hurt, angry, and had many questions. "What would I look like after surgery? How will I feel after a mastectomy? I don't have enough sick time to be off from work, so how would I manage paying my bills? Would I be desirable after losing a breast?"
Then something hit me. I believed that the spirit comes to teach us all things we need to know. I felt that a force bigger than me could heal me. A force that would connect me to what I believed. So, I prayed, trusted, and stood on the side of believing that I would be whole; I would have balance in my life; and I would be able to create new life for others and not experience fear. This was a journey from despair to a place of balance, wholeness, and a place to operate differently after a diagnosis of breast cancer.
The opportunity to minister to women diagnosed with breast cancer so they experience hope and healing has turned into a foundation called Reconstruction of a Survivor (ROS). ROS is nothing short of a miracle. ROS brings hope, healing and renewal in one's belief for a better future to the women diagnosed with breast cancer attending the sessions. All this is done so that survivors know... there is life after breast cancer with nothing lost, but so much to gain!

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