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Here are some of the things people are saying about Reconstruction of a Survivor:

  • "Just want to thank you again for taking the time to meet with the girls again Thursday. It's always such a pleasure to have you speak as we all come away with new insights and perspectives for which we are very grateful. I hope you will consider returning next year." - T. Schau, Memorial Hermann Northeast

  • "I can truly say that I have always been up-lifted at the end of each session
    with the ladies that come to group. Even though I am not a survivor, it has been important for a health care provider to be alongside women in this journey. I only wish that when my mom was diagnosed in the early 80s that such a place that
    you have enabled today would have existed." - AT

  • "ROS is a Godsend! I was diagnosed with Stagg III breast cancer, ER positive, metastasized to my lymph nodes in July 14, 2010. I met Dr. Bennett briefly at a cancer survivors event. When I met her she had this positive attitude and
    beautiful smile and at the time I thought in my mind " She sure has this light that just shines from her" . I had no idea that she would impact my life later in my journey -- it was a brief introduction. My friend who introduced us knew that I felt so overwhelmed at times. She said that she would have Dr. Bennett call me because she would be better able to answer some of my questions. Dr. Bennett called me and was very helpful and invited me to attend the support group held
    at The Joseph's Medical Place One building. After the first session, I felt so uplifted, wonderful and a peace that I can't describe. There was so much love from every-one. What I liked most about the session is that they put God first, with a prayer and scripture verse, then we discussed the Topic associated with the scripture. One of the ladies with a beautiful voice even sang a scripture song that helped another lady at the meeting that needed comfort. Dr. Bennett even called me and prayed with me before my mastectomy and other times when I needed it. I feel that it was God's had in guiding me toward Reconstruction Of A Survivor. I want
    to serve and give back to God, so now I volunteer at ROS in any way that I can
    to help other survivors, because they have been a Blessing in my life." --MG

  • “I am a single parent and your testimony encouraged me beyond measure.”

  • “Your message to the CenterPoint ladies was extremely powerful!  As a survivor and leader, you aptly conveyed to all the attendees the inner strength of hope, embracing life, celebrating one’s friends and family, and the value of self worth.  Women are inherently strong and you reinforced that message. It takes great courage to face breast cancer and the range of your leadership will help women conquer this dreaded blight and move forward with enriched lives. Thank you for your time and dedication.

  • “Your presentation was informative and helpful.”

  • Through God’s grace I was blessed with loving family and friends, a superior team of doctors, nurses, and their staff, and ROAS and its many members that supported me and showed me what to expect at every stage of this journey. Without any of these I am not sure I’d be so absolute in saying that I am a Survivor of Stage IIIC Inflammatory Breast Cancer!



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