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September 2018

    The Director's Corner

    When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, she and her family and friends believe that she will be healed and hear the words, "No More Cancer". Treatment is done and sometimes the patient is told that she is cancer free. But what happens when the breast cancer returns and appears in other organs? Then there are women who have a first-time diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. How does a breast cancer patient handle living from day-to-day with metastatic breast cancer? Metastatic breast cancer should not stop one from living life to the best she is able to do. Clinical trials may be available for the patient and may help provide a ray of hope. On-going research is attempting to extend the life of patients, provide new treatments, and hope. Along with the ideas mentioned below, I encourage you to remember those with metastatic breast cancer in your prayers and offer a gift of hope whenever possible.

    Dr. Jennie Bennett
    Director and Founder

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    The country is preparing for Breast Cancer Awareness Month starting October 1. In most instances, this includes celebrations for those who have been diagnosed and are now considered to have No Evidence of Disease (NED). However, right in the middle of the month, October 13, is Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day. The individuals who are living with breast cancer daily for the rest of their lives are often forgotten during the month of PINKness. Join us in publicly recognizing them.

    Everyone who progresses through a cancer diagnosis and treatment, at any point, deserves to be recognized too. This year, we want to encourage our readers to do something to let the METAVIVORS know that they are not forgotten.

    Here are a few ideas:

      1. Create a social media post to recognize someone you know who is living with metastatic breast cancer or a message to encourage anyone with metastatic breast cancer. Post it to www.metavivor.org
      2. Make and deliver a "Thinking of You" gift.
      3. Make cards and take them to a cancer center to be delivered when a metavivor goes in for treatment or a medical procedure.
      4. Offer up a prayer for the metastatic breast cancer community.
      5. Don't ask, just do something for the individual or their family members.
      6. Encourage someone you know who's living with breast cancer daily to attend the upcoming conferences!

    3rd Annual Golf Tournament for Reconstruction of a Survivor

    When: September 22
    Where: Southwyck Golf Club
    The Golf Tournament is the major fundraiser held by Reconstruction of a Survivor benefiting women served by our support programs. There's still time for teams to get signed up! Register HERE!

    14th Annual Breast Health Summit Advances in Survivorship

    When: October 4-5
    Where: Norris Conference Center (CityCentre)
    The Breast Health Summit is the only annual conference dedicated to improving breast health care for the medically underserved in Texas. It serves as a forum for the exchange of information for survivors, advocates, healthcare professionals, educators, and caregivers. Register HERE!

    The Pink and Pampering Fashion Show 2nd Annual Cancer Survivor Luncheon

    When: October 20
    Where: Wild Stallion
    The Pink and Pampering Fashion Show was created to give back to those individuals that have survived or are still currently undergoing cancer in their lives. The event itself is a way to give back to the community and show these wonderful individuals that even though they have encountered hard times, they are not alone. Register HERE !

    The 1st Annual South Central Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference

    When: October 27
    Where: Norris Conference Center (CityCentre)
    Designed by patients for patients, the South Central Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference will be uniquely suited to the needs of the MBC community. and build community. Register HERE!

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